Monday, July 13, 2009

while i'm waiting

this past week was incredible for me. we went to camp at kamp kinship. it was great to see friends from the harleton group come up and get to talk to them. but probably my favorite part of camp was getting to hang out with my youth all week. i got to see God move in them and cannot wait to follow up with them all as i see them.

God used our camp pastor Gary Vaughan to help me with some of my deciscions regarding my future. i sat down and talked to gary at lunch one day and kinda just asked him about his story that led him to where he was now. he told me his story and it was strangley familiar to mine. he went to college and worked towards getting his education degree in a composite social studies form. he then asked me about a little of my story and i told him about where i am up till now. i told him that i am waiting for God's direction about where to go next. i told him that i am one of those guys that wants to see my whole path lit up. he told me that he was that way too, but God sometimes lights up just one step up at a time for guys like us. this makes us rely on Him and to be obedient to Him. gary said that when you have no sense of what God is telling you to do next, do the last thing that he told you to do until he reveals that next step.

so that is where i am at right now. unsure about my future path but loving the present time that God has me in. I will continue serving Him while i am waiting on that next step.