Sunday, May 31, 2009

Leavin on a jet plane....

so as some of you may know i leave tomorrow to go to South Dakota for 2 months. or as tanner tells me 10 weeks. I am heading to Calvary Baptist Church in Rapid City to help with the youth group there. this call to head up there started about a year ago and i will tell you more about that another time.

my plan for this blog is to provide updates with what is going on where i am at, tell you more about what God is doing in my life, and to sometimes share things that i have found out along the way. one of my teachers once told me it is better to start doing something like this maybe once every week or so. then when you do more people feel as if they are getting more as a bonus so that is my plan.

i will be in south dakota until august 6 and will update you with what i am doing up here as well as how i got up here. so thanks for your prayers and support. i will be praying for yall too.

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