Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a year ago today

so this post/update is long overdue but i guess better late than never.

a year ago today i started the beginning of my summer as a youth intern at calvary baptist church in rapid city, sd

a year ago today i was scared to death about what i got myself into for 2 months.

a year ago today i boarded my first plane on my first flight.

a year ago today i left home for more than 10 days for the first time.

a year ago today i started a journey outside my comfort zone, giving my time and resources to God and his children.

a year ago today i walked into the rapid city airport and saw Mrs. Connie, Jacob, Rebekah, and Heidi waiting for me.

a year ago today i went to the Fox's house and talked about my summer plans.

a year ago today i met the family i would be staying with the whole summer, all the kids wearing texas stuff.

a year ago today i met most of the youth i would be spending the summer with.

a year ago today i begin to form a friendship with all these youth that i could never forget.

as you can see, a year ago today was a huge step for me. i have been reflecting over the past summer and it hit me more today because i wasnt going back there this summer. so i decided to write down some of what i was feeling. i cant believe it has been a year since i started the best summer of my life so far. i met some of the most amazing and Godly people, and i fell in love with a place that was not harleton. God placed me with a great family with great children. i count all 4 of the brothers that i stayed with as brothers. i grew close to all of them during the summer. Mr. Dave and Mrs. Barbara were amazing parents to me while i was away from home. i know i have a second family in rapid. the youth, nikki, evie, kailynn, caitlin, rebekah, heidi, andrew, aaron, brad, caleb, hannah, matt, pat, probey (thomas), andrew, colton, and amy, are some of my greatest friends and i miss and love them all. the adults, mrs. connie, mr. jay, pastor steve, bro. mike, mr. dave, mrs. barb, danny, mrs. tonya, the lepperts, the wells, the romeyns, the piersons, the sandines, the wallas, jacob, levi, sam, andy, samantha goodrich, ethan are all influential Godly people who led, taught, helped, provided, and were just there for me the whole summer. all these people and the ones i did not name are some of my best friends and i count them all as blessings God provided for me to be around. Thank you guys (haha) for everything yall did last summer. I cannot wait to visit this summer and see all of you again. July can not come quick enough.

LOVE you all,

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